Thursday, 14 December 2017

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist: December 13 2017, CHRW 94.9 fm

0.  Shakin Katz Theme .... The Vanishers

1.The King Of Rock 'n' Roll ... Donna Dunne and The Mystery Men ... The King Of Rock 'n' Roll  EP
2. Rocket Baby ....  Rocket J ... Rocket Baby  EP 
3. The Flea .... The High Steppers .... S/T  EP      request
4. The Royal Guardsmen ... Snoopy's Christmas ...  Snoopy and His Friends
5.  Somewhere Bound ... Mental Shakedown .... Bop and Destroy
6. Little Red Head ... The Swingin' Blackjacks .... 4 Hit Tracks
7. Goonie Bird ... The Royal Crowns ...  32 Miles To Memphis       request
8. We Wish You A Surfy Christmas .... The Green Reflectors .... single
9 Dead Bodies Movin' ... The Stinky Rodders .... Raw and Wild  
10.  Thousand Deaths .... Deepsix ... Red     request 
11.Space Outlaw ... The Wreck .... Sailors Grave 
12. Stomp That X-Mas ... The Guitar Slingers ... single 
13 Mary Jane ... Running From Daylight ... single
  Big thanks to  Tarek from Running From Daylight for dropping in to talk about the new single 
14 Coffin For Two ....  Running From Daylight   S/T  EP
15.The Head and The Axe . .. Retarded Rats .... single
16. Achtung! Halt! Wolf ... The Deathcaps ... Achtung! Halt! Wolf    EP
17. Merry X-Mas Everyone ... Blood Sucking Zombies From Outer Space ... Bloody Unholy Christmas 
18. Part Time Loser ... Ten Bob Millionaires ... We Regret To Inform You 
19. Bear Boogie Pub ... The Alligators ... Rock' Bop' Jump
20. High Heeled Hot Rod ... The Millwinders ... Ladies and Gentlemen...
21. Chinese Takaway ... The Cavaleros ... Atomic
22. Death Of A Clown ... Howlin' Wilson and His Plastic Men .... Death Of A Clown  EP
23. Nervous Breakdown .... Pink Cadillac Scat Cats ... single
24. Forty Days ... Ronnie Hawkins ... The Roulette Years     request
25. Surfin' a Go Go ... Mark Malibu and The Wasagas ... Return Of The Wasagas 
26. The Christmas Twist ... Jack Rabbit Slim ... The Western Star Rockabilly Christmas Party
27. Tokyo Rose ... Whiskey Kill ... Pink Luggage    request 
28. Lot Lizard ... Steady Teddy and The K Train Babies ... S/T
29. Lonesome Rider ...  Eddie and The Backfires ... Dead Man Stare
30. Got To Hurry ... The Midniters ... Terror Incognito
31. Ten Heads Are Better Than One ... Thee Scarecrows AKA ... Ten Heads Are Better Than One  EP
32. Waikiki Fuzz ....  Desurfers ... single    request
33. Satellite Baby .... The Magnetix ... Rabbit The Robot Robot The Rocket
34. Frosty The Snowman ... Annie Marie Lewis ... A Rock n Roll Christmas 
35. Sweet Sweet Girl ... The Palomars ... Supper Riot Club
36. Watch Your Mouth ... The Hoodoo Tones ... Confessions Of A Loner
37. Freight Train ... The Terrorsaurs ... Swamp Beat 
38. Time To Bop ... The Royal Flush ... single
39. Necro Girlfriend ... The Galactic Polecats ... The Bad Are Better Off  request 
40. Santa Claus Is Back Town  ... The Creepshow ... single 
41. The Thing From Outer Space ... The Thing From Outer Space ... S/T

Sunday, 10 December 2017

The Alligators - Rock, Bop, Jump! 2017

For years now,the Russian rockabilly scene  has been loaded with a whack of pretty good bands. Most of the bands get overlooked as it's hard to find out about them,especially over here in North America. One of those outfits, The Alligators has been making some big waves with their sweet and wild  "authentic rockabilly". They managed to catch the ear of Alan Wilson (Western Star Records)  and the result is their  stellar debut album," Rock, Bop, Jump!". This puppy confidently struts in with 16 tracks of kool rockabilly that will get you up and  moving.We get a good balance of originals and covers here that deliver more than a satisfying bang for your buck. For the most part this is all uptempo rockabilly and there isn't a weak track to be found.They also throw in a little hillbilly and some rock n roll flare into the mix .Highlights include: Goin' Strong", " All About You". ""Rock Bop Jump!","Sputnik" and "Bear Boogie Pub"
  Overall " Rock, Bop, Jump!"  is a top shelf effort  and a rockabilly album you should grab up From start to finish, this is a stout and enjoyable ride . Highly recommended !

Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Wreck - Sailors Grave 2017

Just when you think it's safe to set sail,along comes The Wreck .A group of psycho pirates that aim to take over the seven seas .With a whack of mayhem and pedigree they fired off a very kool warning shot earlier this year with the"Nosferatu"single.Now there back with a barrage and looking to take no prisoners .The band's debut album "Sailors Grave" has just washed ashore and this puppy is a straight up winner.Clocking in with 12 rockin' tracks of old school psychobilly that will light a fire under your ass.This is fun and brisk  psychobilly that has a little twist of new wave. It's also a damn refreshing and powerful ride that will have you coming back for more.Highlights include: "Space Outlaw:, "Morphine" The Day The Earth Stood Still", "Attack Of The Giant Bumblebee" and the sweet "Axe To Beat".
     There was a some major anticipation for "Sailors Grave" and it's safe to say that The Wreck  have delivered big time here .This is one pirate's treasure you want to snag up.Highly recommended!!!