Sunday, 25 June 2017

Psycho Farm Aka - Something Psychotic 2017

Emerging out of  the industrial wastelands of Ruhrpott (in late 2013) comes Psycho Farm Aka (PFK) an interesting and stout  rockin' psychobilly outfit.These cats play old school psychobilly and aren't afraid to mix things up.Their debut album "Something Psychotic is proof of that.Instead of rushing out their debut affair,  they took the time and delivered a killer disc with a refreshing flare.We get 13 tracks of kool old school psychobilly that border on neo- rockabilly at times.Add into the mix a little whack of the blues and the results will cure your ills.Sure we get some of the horror angle here but no two tracks sound alike and that makes for a better album.Highlights include: "Psychofarmaka",The Sin", "Warpath", Cut Across Shorty" and "U.F.O."
       Overall "Something Psychotic" is one impressive debut album that packs a punch and is a blast of rockin' fun.But beware this puppy will grow on you .Highly recommended.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist Wednesday June 21, 2017 Chrw 94.9fm

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist
Wednesday June 21, 2017
Chrw 94.9fm

Shakin Katz Theme … The Vanishers
1.Red Headed Mortician … The Suicide Shifters … Beat The Devil Around The Stump
2. Northern Style … The Hoodoo Tones … Confessions Of A Loner
3. Snarling Darlings … Raccoons … All Draped Up
4. Uphill Scramble … Satan’s Pilgrims … Siniestro     request
5. Wild Night … Sandy & The Wild Wombats … Devoted To Rock n Roll
6. Two Timing Fool … The Millwinders … It’s Love
7. Torque-Flite Baby … The Wheel Grinders … Torque- Flite Baby
8. Santeria … Pointbreak … Get Wet
9. 24 U.F.O … Psycho Farm Aka … Something Psychotic
10. Jimmy Jam … The Galactic Polecats … The Bad Are Better Off      request
11. Voodoo … Matchless … Pills & Blades
12. The Decent … Forty Foot Combo … S/T
13. Dirty Needles … Gamblers Mark … Dirty Needles
14. It’s Coming Down … Raygun Cowboys … The Cowboy Code
15. Cheapsuit Boogie … The Highliners … Action Man
16. Agent Carburanto … Terremotors … S/T
17. Scrimp A Rock … Chris Mantello … Swiss Mountain's Stomp
18. Emma Peel Out … Said The Ripper … Instrumentals & Spies Themes
19. Wild Jungle Rock … The Bop Cats … S/T
20. She Got Me Bad … Eddie & Thee Scorpions … Better Beware
21. Lonely Way … Jeroen Haamer & The Zorchmen … Single
22. Poor Black Mattie … Alice Jayne … Inside The Covers    request
23. It’s Hot … Ollie Vee … Out In The Dark
24. Pow Pow Pow … Voodoo Swing … Nervous Wreck
25. She’s Bad … Chuck Deville … Single
26. Right Now ... Frantic Vermin … Right Now
27. Second Chance … The Creepshow … Life After Death
28. Time Machine … Frenzy … In the Blood     request 
29. Quicksand … John Evans Band … Circling The Drain
30. Dead Woodie … The Fabulous Blue Wabbits …. Instwoh-mentals
31. Lonely Cryin' Blues … Ginger St. James & The Grinders … Spank Sparkle & Growl
32. The House is Rockin'… Hot Rod Rhythm Boys … Introduction 
33. Out In The Dark …. The Brains … Out In The Dark
34. Kamikaze Killer … Long Tall Texans … The Devil Made Us Do It
35. El Ranchero .. The Swampy’s … Last One Before Snuffin' Out
36. Death Cougar … Black Cat Attack … Lonely Horror Stories
37. Crying Hearts… The Zippers … Boom-Boom
38. Don’t Settle … Hill Valley Lightening … S/T
39. Fulltime Rockin' Man … Doug Perkins &The Spectaculars .. Union Avenue Volume 1
40. One Night Baby … Peter & The Wolves … Here Comes Peter & The Wolves
41. Pass The Bottle … Jenny & The Lovers … Strange Love
42. Hot Pink Cowboys Boots … C.Rowan and The Coronets … Light The Night
43. You Gotta Go … Crystal & Runnin Wild … Good Taste In Bad Friends
44. Frettone Boogie … The Frettones … Stop Frettin'
45. Red Hot Lady … Boston Rats … This Ain’t Rock n Roll

46. Hillbilly Buddy … Captain Twang & His Rhythm Cat … MotorSurf
47. Rockabilly Queen … Kent Ford & the Hep Jump Stomp … Crazy Love In Town
48. That Baby … Jason & The Nomads … Warp Speed Ahead

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Raccoons - All Draped Up 2016

Tasmania is not a place one would associate with teddyboy rock n roll.However it's the home of the Raccoons  a long standing and underrated teddyboy inspired rockabilly band.These cats have been  kickin' around  down under for more than a few years now. They  managed  too catch the ear of Raucous Records with their "tough wiry sound" and in  2014 they released the ep "Slowburn". In late 2016 the band unleashed their debut album "All Draped Up". Slowly but surely it has gained traction and rightfully so.This puppy nails it  and comes in with 12 originals of teddyboy/rockabilly action that push the fold.From mid tempo burners to all out rockers  this is one confident and kool  ride.Highlights include: "Sirens And Chrome", "Backhander", "Snarlin' Darlings" and "On Your Bike"
     What's really kool about " All Draped Up " is that it's more than a straight teddyboy /rockabilly album and as a result it is a hard driving and refreshing jolt. It's all good and you should give this a spin. Recommended!!!


Saturday, 17 June 2017

Sandy & The Wild Wombats - Devoted To Rock 'n' Roll 2017

Back in 2015 Sandy and The Wild Wombats firmly establish themselves with the release of their debut album "The Girl Can't Help It". Sure it was all covers but it was loaded with some freakin' sweet interpretations.It also helps that this is a stout outfit that knows how to deliver.This is rockabilly that has been described as dirty, wild, has an edge and is fronted by some smokin' hot vocals.Now the band's follow up album " Devoted To Rock'n'Roll"  is here and man have they upped the anti.This puppy comes snarling in with 12 originals that with the exception of 1 ballad, really rock out . It's 50's rockabilly/ rock n roll that pushes into neo-rockabilly with shades of blues and country thrown' in too boot.There is also a hidden track that's a honky tonk number.Highlights include : "I Gotta Move", "Cure Your Ill", "Rockabilly  Man, and "Hey Hey Hey".
       Overall "Devoted To Rock 'n' Roll" is one impressive disc that is top shelf. It's fun, aggressive and packs a punch. If Sandy & The Wild Wombats weren't on your radar before they should be now .This is a damn good album by a band  that's on a mission. Highly Recommended!

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Satan's Pilgrims - Siniestro 2017

Few surf band's have had the impact that Satan's Pilgrims have.This Portland outfit has and is hugely influential in the surf scene .So it is big news when they release a new record especially since it's been over 8 years since their last release of new music.That last outing  of new material  was 2009"s " Psychsploitation",which is considered to be a landmark surf album.Now in 2017 they have stepped out of the shadows with "Siniestro" and this puppy is freakin' sweet. This time out they get back to the basics: traditional surf with the right amount of aggression. We get 15 original  tracks here that at times show restrain and still pack a punch.As in the past ,their 3 guitar attack  gives the band a full crisp,surf sound that will color you impressed.Highlights include: "The Juggernaut", "Uphill Scramble","Short Sand Surf" and "Siniestro"
               Getting right to the point here : "Siniestro" is a flat out stout and kool album.Not only is this a stellar surf  album it's also one of the years best in any genre and you can take that to the bank.Highly recommended !!!! 

Friday, 9 June 2017

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist Wednesday June 7, 2017 Chrw 94.9fm

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist
Wednesday June 7, 2017
Chrw 94.9fm

     Shakin Katz Theme … The Vanishers
1. I'm Out … Dime Store Dukes … Can’t Stop Me From Dreamin'
2. Space Rabbits, Go! … The Wheel Grinders … Torque-Flite Baby
3. Devil’s Guitar … Sirocco Bros. … Come On In      request
4. Time To Bop … The Royal Flush … Single
5. Buggin' Out … Satans Pilgrims … Siniestro
6. Snarling Darlings … Raccoons … All Drapped Up
7. Bloodline … The Devil's Sons … Single
8. Coffin For Two … Running For Daylight  S/T ep
9. Baby Is A Psycho … The Highliners … Action Man
10. Last Man On Earth … The Zipheads … Z2 Rampage    request
11. River City … Vice Tricks … S/T
12. You Ain’t No Cowboy … Pointbreak … Get Wet!
13. TNL … Poltva Rats … Psycho Core
14. They’re Out There … Concombre Zombies … Daylight Comes     request
15. Too Dead Skate … Chainsaw Lobotomy … Close,But No Cigar
16. Rampage Rock … KDV Deviators … Lost Contact  
17. That’s The Way … Mouse Zinn … The Embassy Sessions
18. Upside Down … Black Moon Boy’s … S/T  
19. Future Blues … Mack Stevens  & Los Paganos Del Ritmo ... Psycho  Breakdown
20. Rockin' Supersonic … Shakedown Combo … Single
21. The Dead Are Walking … Evil Elvis … Undead Or Alive
22. Horror Face … The Terrorsurfs … Zomboid Surf Attack
23. Wrong Side … Evil Daltons … Your Blood
24. Raylene … Dr.Void & The Death Machines … White Light Black Death
25. Who’s That Girl … The Infernos … Too Hot To Handle
26. One Step Closer … Sasquatch Prom Date … A Chiiling End To A School Romance
27.  Crazy, Crazy Lovin … The Bird Doggin Daddies … We Got The Bug
28. Voodoo Transit … The Bullet Biters … Stranglers United     request
29.  Kimchibilly … Rock Tigers … Electric Travel
30. They Called It Rock n Roll … The Monroes … They Call It Rock n Roll
31. Dead Or Alive … Doghouse Rose … Bourbon and Gasoline
32. Blame The Game … Rocket Overdrive … S/T
33. Mojo Twist … Whiskey Daredevils … The Good Fight
34. Deep In The Red … Calabrese … They Call Us Death
35. My Psychobility  … The Lab Ratz … Terror Is Loose
36. Russian Roulette … Hot Roddin' Romeo’s … Single
37. Greasy Corpse … Royal Crowns … 32 Miles To Memphis    request
38. Good Guy … Don Diego Trio … Twang Kitchen
39. Freight Train Blues Boogie … The Smokin 45’s … On The Boards
40. Cool Daddy O … The Magnetix … Rabbit The Robot, Robot The Rabbit
41. Straight From Hell … The Bloodshots … On Fire
42. Welcome To My Hell … The Go-Getters … Hot Rod Rodeo
43. Time To Go … Lennon Z & The Sickboy Trio … Bastard Songs For Bastard People
44. Sin and Secrets … The Backseat Boogie … Perfect For Parties
45. What’s Inside A Girl… Rockin' Rhonda & The Rhonkeys … Bad Girl Rockabilly

Sunday, 4 June 2017

The Highliners - Action Man 2017

The Highliners have been at it off and on now for almost 33 years .In that time they achieved some major success and have developed a loyal and constantly growing fan base. With a few  line up changes and other hiccups they have always been a pretty good rock n roll/psychobilly band  .Hell just look at the current line up ,it's stacked with some serious pedigree : original member Luke Morgan, long time member Ginger Meadham  and new comers Andy Kandil and Lilit Clockwork .The Highliners have always been  stacked  but the key to band's success is that they are and remain a fun band at heart with a great sense of humor .The term "funobilly"probably started with them.Their latest release "Action Man " bares that out in spades.This puppy is a blast of fresh air that clocks in at under 25 minutes of kool action.As usual it's a great mix of rock n roll, psychobilly, and punk.We get 10 tracks here, some of which are on the band's 2014 live recording "The Diablo Sessions" and 2013's "Gravedigger Stomp" ep( both on Diablo Records). Highlights include: "Baby Is A Psycho", "Minicab Minicab","Frank The Quiff" and "Cheapsuit Boogie"
    Overall " Action Man " this is just what one would expect from The Highliners and that's a good thing.This is a  pretty sweet  refreshingly fun ride that packs punch.Your gonna want to grab this puppy.Highly recommended !!